Water Warts Treatment

Does your child have
spots like these?
  • Clusters of raised, itchy, skin-coloured spots
  • May first look like small pearls on the skin
  • Up to half a centimetre across
  • Small dimple in the middle
  • Often itchy and mistaken for eczema or insect bites
If so, they could have water warts, more commonly known as Molluscum.

Stop water warts
getting in the way with MolluTinc
MolluTinc is available now without a prescription, online and at your local pharmacy.

Want to know more about water warts and MolluTinc?
Watch the video below to find out how MolluTinc stops water warts spreading.

What are water warts?

Water warts are caused by molluscum contagiosum.1 It is a virus that can be caught at any time of the year. It is easily passed on during contact with another person with water warts or by sharing items like towels or toys.1

It is a very common infection, affecting 4 out of 5 people under 15 years old. It can also affect adults.2

Water warts appear as raised spots on the skin, which are often the same colour as the skin and have a small dimple in the middle.1 When they first appear, they may look like small pearls on the skin. The spots can be mistaken for other skin problems such as eczema or insect bites. If you’re not sure if you or your child has water warts, you should visit your GP or practice nurse.

What is MolluTinc?

MolluTinc is for the treatment of water warts in children over two years old and in adults.3

It is a painless treatment that can be used at home. Treatment typically lasts 2–10 days and the
water warts usually clear within 1–5 weeks* after it has finished. MolluTinc should always be used as
described on the box.3

How do I use MolluTinc?

Before using MolluTinc, spread petroleum jelly on the healthy skin around the water warts.

Using the brush provided, put MolluTinc directly onto the water warts twice a day. It is applied once in the morning and again at night.3

Within 2 to 10 days of starting to use MolluTinc, the water warts will become inflamed, turning red.

The redness shows that MolluTinc is working and so you need not worry.

Once the spots turn red, MolluTinc can be stopped and the water warts will usually disappear within the next 1 to 5 weeks.3*

If you would like more information, please download the information leaflet below or ask at your local pharmacy.

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Information leaflet

Find out more about water warts
and MolluTinc in our handy
downloadable leaflet. (PDF)

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